On-road tests

Within the pilote scheme solutions for infrastructural challenges of the LEV industry are developed, tested on road and further optimised.
Leading organisations and enterprises in electric mobility have come together in a network. The idea of a Charge & Lock Cable was jointly develped and the creation of a suitable infrastructure was spurred on.
Thorough on-road tests starting in summer of 2012 give both project partners and end users the opportunity to test

Test phases of the different stages of expansion:

Test phase 1: The project, which is scheduled to last several years, starts in June 2012. The first facilities are installed in tourist areas and put into operation with the single function of „Charging“ only.

Test phase 2: The full stage of expansion follows from summer 2013 onwards. This means that both functions of „Charging“ and „Locking“ are combined and additional functions are realised.

Take part in the pilot scheme and test the charging infrastructure in our test region.