Industry standards

Only a defined standard can be the solution for all existing infrastructure problems and provide for more flexibility in creating
new scenarios for usage.

In contrast to others the bicycle-industry has suceeded in leaving
behind the prototype-phase in electric mobility years ago and is
offering functioning mass products.

In order to extend this lead, the course has to be set now for the
system to function perfectly in the future.


Safety plays a very important role. Most of the charging station
for LEVs currently installed do not conform to security standards.
For instance an earthed socket which is publicly installed poses a
high risk of security, the more so when often the safe storage of
the charger is unsolved. The EnergyBus e.V. has given thought to
this problem and cooperates closely with the standardisation offices of the EU. Goal is to establish a solid and safe standard.

Other branches demonstrate how it can be done: The USB plug
enables the usage of hardware independent of the manufacturer.
Charging mobile phones is easy now thanks to a legal standard
that freed us from the chaos of different charging cables. We
have always filled up our cars independently at any garage.
For the LEV industry “EnergyBus“ is the corresponding standard
and the “EnergyBus plug“ is the equivalent to the “USB-plug"